MODBUS Data Logger
  Data Logger

VI Automation Pvt ltd. offers data logging and monitoring system to meet complete range physical parameter logging for all the data logging application. The system ranges from 4 channels to 128 channels based on TCP/USB/Serial/ Wireless CAN buses. with different acquisition rate, and flexible logging rate.

One can connect all the sensors to it and it will provide necessary signal conditioning and also facilitates excitation of the transducers. These data loggers can log data from temperature, pressure, humidity, accelerometers, strain gauges, current (up to 60 A), voltage (up to 24 V DC) force, vibration, velocity and flexible enough to configure the system to log any physical parameter.

It can also perform real time calculation to derive Engineering values on any base parameter. We designed special toolkit for refrigeration analysis which will generate report depending upon logged data. Our software DaqMate 2.0 facilitates historical data viewing and provides a graphical representation of history data.

It can be operated in battery (12-24 V) as well as AC power mode and is easily portable to anywhere for on field data logging application. The data is either logged to a database for easy retrieval and post analysis on the logged data or in excel (.xls) format for Individual analysis.

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