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To Design application for Signal to Noise Ratio measurement of a Image tube.

Challenges were:

To acquire data in noisy environment  
Measurement of noise through software  
  Solution offered:  
SNR measurement Data Acquisition and Control system is constructed using the LabVIEW and DAQ card.

To measure the signal to noise ratio of the image intensifier tube which is used in the Night Vision Binoculars, Night Scope and other defense product

  For that we have system including two optical filters, one shutter, light source, tube and DAQ card along with LabVIEW software.  
  NI Products help us to solve these Issues:  
LabVIEW 8.0  
Multifunction DAQ card PXI - 6229  
Process Description:
Light is passed through shutter on the tube whose SNR is to be measured; the output
  signal of the tube is then given to LabVIEW software through DAQ card
Firstly take reading for dark condition that means shutter is off then take for light
condition i.e. shutter is open. Below front panel shows the measurement screen on which tube o/p signal is displayed
From this signal we measured the DC, RMS value of the signal and then calculate the
  signal to noise ratio with the help of LabVIEW software
Below screen shows the report of the all measurement
In this way they know the SNR of the each tube. By knowing the SNR of the tube which the heart of our customers final product, they can optimize the performance of their final product.
Taking the advantage of National Instrument LabVIEW software, toolkits and advanced analysis capabilities of DAQ cards PC based system was designed that achieves highly accurate SNR measurement. It took less than a week to design, deploy and test the system.
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