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To design and develop a robust application for magnetron testing (Vacuum Interrupter testing)

Challenges were:

Acquire data for 0.1 ms in a noisy environment  
Apply appropriate software filter to acquire data  
Maintain high voltage for a given period  
  Solution offered:  
The Magnetron test system is constructed using LabVIEW and NI PCI. In the Software LabVIEW objects are created. These expose the indicator and control to user for the configuration as per test requirement.

The project was to design and develop the automatic system for magnetron testing. The application acquires data from magnetron system to measure pressure, high voltage, and current.

In magnetron testing a Vacuum Interrupter (VI) is tested for few second under high voltage and magnetic field. In this while testing of High voltage will be ON for 15 seconds provided the VI is good enough; else, the supply trips indicating faulty VI or Overload signal. System should announce the VI as OL and record the same in the database.

After getting the digital signal at 12.9 second software will wait for 100 msec. then switch on the magnetic field and acquire data for 2 seconds.

After acquiring data, plot the actual curve of voltage w.r.t. time, the software filter will be applied on the original signal to remove the noise and plot a smooth curve. After completion of the measurement of 15 seconds, the HV, data logging and the coil supply is stopped.

  NI Products help us for development:  
PCI 6221 Multifunction DAQ card  
LabVIEW 8.0  
NI software especially LabVIEW made it possible for us to design, develop the solution in very short time. It has also made it possible to automate testing.
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