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Sorting tendu leafs into categories based on die sizes specified by user, and place them on stack with greater throughput, flexibility, and user friendliness at much lower cost.
  Solution offered:  
Using National Instruments LabVIEW software, toolkits, and advanced analysis capabilities with synchronized vision, and data acquisition (DAQ) hardware products to create a PC-based system. That sort’s tendu leafs.

The project was to design and develop automatic system for Bidi leaves sorting which replaces the existing manual process, which increased the productivity and reduced the production / labor cost.

  The sorting was done according to:  
The die sizes (4 cut templates, 2 cut templates and single cut templates)  
No holes  
The vein should not to be in the cut  
After the die size was selected, motion control was used to pick and place the leaf on the stack defined according to die size. Leaves were stacked because single leaf punching according to die size would be time consuming and productivity would decrease. In stack leaves placed were properly aligned and punched together.
  NI Products help us to solve these Issues:  
Lab VIEW 8  
Vision Development Module 8  
NI 6220 M series DAQ card  
NI 6503 TTL DIO card  
NI IMAQ 1407 Monochrome Frame Grabber Card  
Software Developed for Torsional Endurance Test will be modular in nature main panel will have various buttons which will guide the user to perform various tasks. or with the help of that buttons user can go to different GUI screens Software application GUI will have the following screens:
  Screen 1:  
The above screen is for conduct Test Leaf 1. In this the Central vein and the side cut is detected. Angle with .respect to coordinates and the intersection point is shown.
  Screen 2:  
The above screen was used for setting the template size according to the user. User can set template for 4/2/1 cut template.
  Screen 3:  
The above screen is for conduct Test Leaf 2. Here the die size is fit and the results are displayed on image and position where the die is fit.
  Screen 4:  
This screen was used for setting the threshold of the image. The left image is the raw image grabbed from the camera and right image is the result image.
  Screen 5:  
This screen was used to set the search area for detecting the central vein and the side cut of the leaf under process. Other operations can also be adjusted as shown in screen.
  Process Description:  
To detect central vein and side cut Test Leaf 1 was done and the intersection point
  and angle is displayed
With respect to central vein die size is fit when Test Leaf 2 is conducted
Motion system was triggered after the die size was fit. Leaf was Picked and placed on
  the stack
Utilities provided were for setting the threshold, setting the die size and search area
  for finding the central vein.
Powerful programming environments like Lab VIEW and Vision Development Module helped us to provide a very optimum solution in very short time span of 6 weeks.
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