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To Design and develop a robust real time data acquisition and control system to monitor in Vehicle Fuel Cell characteristics with different atmospheric conditions (From Ladakh to Kanyakumari).

Challenges were:

Data acquisition and logging of 32 Temperature / Voltage channels  
Automation of a process which involves Auto / Manual Steps  
Implement PID for Speed control  
  Solution offered:  
Process Data Acquisition and Control system is constructed using the LabVIEW, NI cFP. In the proposed system server application runs in Compact Field point target and the client application will run on PC.

In Vehicle Temperature and Voltage of Fuel Cells Data Acquisition system has Client-Server Data Acquisition system. The Server Application Acquires Data As per Command Sent from the Client application. Acquired Data was displayed on the User Interface of the Client Application and it will also get logged on the Client Disk. The process will get repeated once in every 10 seconds.

The Server application was not have any User interface, but all of its operations can be controlled by using client applications.

  NI Products which helped us to give the best solution:  
NI CFP (Compact Field Point) 2100  
NI CFP TC 120 – 3 Modules  
NI CFP AI 100 – 1 Module
NI CFP AIO 600 – 1 Module
NI CFP DI 300– 1 Modules
NI CFP DO 403 –1 Module
LabVIEW RT 8  
PID Toolkit  
Settings- Cascade Ratio, Set Point for Reformer Temperature, Sp for Alarm  
  Reformer, Set Point for Alarm Fuel Cell
Battery: 12 stack cell voltages (Current with 75 ohm Resistance)
Reformer: 6 Reformer Temperature and flow control valves
Fuel Cell: 12 Stack temperatures
  1. Setting:  
2. Battery
3. Reformer
4. Fuel Cell
Process Description:
First all channels are acquired after every 1 second and displayed. The frequency of
  logging is settable
When we press START control loop execution gets started
All the temperature and voltage (current with 75 ohm resistance) is acquired and
  stored on Host PC
As per speed setting PID control will control the flow of fluent
Communication link is continuously monitored. If it gets broken cFP will start
  executing application on its memory (Real Time Target). At that time data is stored
  on cFP memory with fixed 1 minute interval
Once the link is established again, the cFP memory is flushed out and the data was
  dumped on the Host PC
More than conventional system, this system made it possible to obtain the in real time operation with facility to perform analysis on the acquired data. Only NI platform made it possible for us with in record time of 1 week.
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